Author: Shawn Valle

Literal Cybersecurity Rockstars

Here’s something you don’t often hear of someone in the role of CSO/CISO do; coordinate a concert for the entire company, made up solely of employee musicians, from locations across the globe, and perform for their peers in full rock star fashion at the company’s annual kick-off. But, that is exactly what happened earlier this […]

Take a chance on someone….this week.

Take a chance on someone….this week. 23 years ago, this week, someone took a chance on me, offering me my first professional job on a help desk, supporting UNIX and mainframe systems, and tracking my work on a Windows 3.1 desktop with Lotus Notes. At that time, I couldn’t spell UNIX, nor had any clue […]

Commencing A New Decade: 2020 Predictions

At the end of 2019, I met in Boston with global IT and Security leaders to reflect on the year and develop strategic guidance for 2020. Here’s a look into the discussion and where we landed. #CRThinkTank #cybersecurity #infosec Shawn is a participating member of the Cyber Resilience Think Tank. The Cyber Resilience Think Tank is an […]

What Does 2019 Have In Store for Cybersecurity: A CISO’s Perspective

In January 2019, I had the honor of joining industry colleagues in an open webcast discussion on Cybersecurity predictions for 2019. Vito Sardanopoli, Gary Hayslip, CISSP, Scott King With the ever-changing threat environment and increasing prevalence of data breaches, today’s CISOs face a daunting task of securing their organization from a variety of threats. But, with so many […]

Reflection after Twenty Two Years

This month marks the completion of my twenty-second professional year in the technology industry. From days of system/network/IT work, in the worlds of AS400, UNIX, Novell, Windows NT, and Domino; moving into software development in Notes, Java, web; and into the human facing roles of technical professional services / consulting / training. All that before […]

Facing the Future: Rapid7’s 2019 Security Predictions

A bunch of industry friends and colleagues were asked to provide security predictions for 2019. Here’s what we each had to say: Excerpt from Rapid7 Blog: Happy New Year! Whether you’re feeling rattled or relieved to leave 2018 in the rearview mirror, now is your moment to take one deep (and deserved!) breath before […]

How Angry Is That Bird?

Repost from: Veracode blog The news regarding the NSA and its British counterpart discussed how the Angry Birds app was targeted as a means to collect personal information about app users. Presumably the agencies were collecting data that the app was already accessing as part of its normal operations. What data is being accessed and […]

hReader iOS Mobile Application Security Audit

Here’s a report from the first publicly released security audit of an iPad app using the iMAS developed open-source security libraries. This report shows that securing an iOS app isn’t too difficult, can greatly improve security without affecting usability, and tools are now freely available (at Project iMAS). iMAS has partnered with hReader to bolster the […]

iMAS – iOS Mobile Application Security

Now Available! iMAS – iOS Mobile Application Security January 2013 iMAS is a secure iOS application framework research project focused on reducing iOS application vulnerabilities and information loss. Now Available – iMAS and its first open source static security controls for download and use in iOS applications. Visit and browse our project to find out […]