Author: Shawn Valle

hReader iOS Mobile Application Security Audit

Here’s a report from the first publicly released security audit of an iPad app using the iMAS developed open-source security libraries. This report shows that securing an iOS app isn’t too difficult, can greatly improve security without affecting usability, and tools are now freely available (at Project iMAS). iMAS has partnered with hReader to bolster the […]

iMAS – iOS Mobile Application Security

Now Available! iMAS – iOS Mobile Application Security January 2013 iMAS is a secure iOS application framework research project focused on reducing iOS application vulnerabilities and information loss. Now Available – iMAS and its first open source static security controls for download and use in iOS applications. Visit and browse our project to find out […]

Android Forensics & Security Testing

This is the publicly released slide deck that accompanies a 1-hour webinar that briefed the security (and anti-security) techniques of the Android operating system and applications. I developed a course, based on my years experience with that platform, and shared my learnings at several public and privately hosted events. Here’s a link to the PDF […]

Android Secure App Development Guidance for DoD

Led research and development of white paper on technical details of developing Android mobile applications with a focus on data security and software assurance. Leveraged emerging guidance from NIST and DISA, for high-assurance. co-authors: Shawn Valle, Michael Peck September 30, 2011 Executive Summary Android applications developed for US Department of Defense (DoD), are required to […]