Literal Cybersecurity Rockstars

Here’s something you don’t often hear of someone in the role of CSO/CISO do; coordinate a concert for the entire company, made up solely of employee musicians, from locations across the globe, and perform for their peers in full rock star fashion at the company’s annual kick-off. But, that is exactly what happened earlier this month.

The idea to take my background in music performance (dates back well before my tech and infosec days), and find a unique way to bring people together from all across the company (infosec, engineering, sales, marketing, it, customer success, ux, and consulting), and then bring the whole company together to be part of a grand performance….well, the post from Jennifer Gregorio below is an example of how we demonstrate our core values (Impact Together, Bring You, Challenge Convention) at Rapid7. #rapid7 #ciso #cso #infosec #rockstars

Jen’s post: