Commencing A New Decade: 2020 Predictions

At the end of 2019, I met in Boston with global IT and Security leaders to reflect on the year and develop strategic guidance for 2020. Here’s a look into the discussion and where we landed. #CRThinkTank #cybersecurity #infosec

Shawn is a participating member of the Cyber Resilience Think Tank. The Cyber Resilience Think Tank is an independent group of industry influencers dedicated to understanding the cyber resilience challenges facing organizations across the globe, and together, providing guidance on possible solutions.

Cyber Resilience Think Tank eBook, Nov 2019

They define cyber resilience as: “an organization’s capacity to adapt and respond to adverse cyber events—whether the events are internal or external, malicious or unintentional in ways that maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability of whatever data and service are important to the organization.”

Excerpt from eBook: “Cyber Resilience Think Tank (Sponsored by MimeCast), Commencing A New Decade: 2020 Predictions”

SaaS is Eating the Enterprise

Security leaders discussed the tremendous shift that’s
taken place when it comes to SaaS and InfoSec. In fact,
Shawn Valle, Chief Security Officer at Rapid7, recently
marveled at how quickly SaaS took over the enterprise.

“SaaS is eating on-prem enterprise data centers,” Valle said.
“Just five years ago I was at an ecommerce company, and
the feeling was ‘if it’s SaaS it’s not for us,’ when it came to
InfoSec mentality and software.”

Now, Valle noted that security leaders have changed their
tune: firewall purchases are becoming less critical, and
more and more companies are dabbling in AWS, Azure, and
Google Cloud to keep their organizations secure.

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